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Using SEO to Increase Your Floral Sales

We all know the importance of a website in this digital age. However, it’s not enough to simply have a website. An outdated website can do more harm than good by driving away potential customers. With such fierce competition in the floral industry, one of the ways to stand out is by using SEO to your advantage. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a strategy employed to increase organic traffic to your website. It helps your floral website rank higher in results on search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Therefore, having a search-engine-optimized floral website is of the utmost importance. Not only can it transform the way you do business, but it can also result in skyrocketing floral sales. Find out the importance of having an SEO-friendly floral website below.

Stand Out in a Competitive Market According to IBISWorld, there are 31,808 floral businesses in the U.S. To say that the floral industry is a competitive market is an understatement. With so much competition, it’s essential for you to find ways to make your website and your business stand out. An SEO floral website does this by ranking higher in search engine results and pointing users towards your website. This not only helps raise brand awareness but also increases traffic to your floral website and establishes your website as one with authority in the floral industry. With less than 10% of people going to the second page of Google results, it’s more important than ever to hire a floral industry SEO consultant to help you rank on the first page and make your business visible to customers. After all, if users don’t go to the second page and discover your floral business, they can’t buy from you. Thus, an SEO floral website and ranking higher can boost your floral sales. The Right Kind of Users It’s not enough to just attract traffic to your website – you need people who visit your website to follow through with sales. SEO floral websites increase conversion rates because they attract the right kind of users. Since SEO involves using specific keywords, these can be aimed at your target audience, ensuring you attract users you can convert to paying customers. Meeting Customers Where They Are The floriculture industry is worth more than $5 billion and has been steadily growing over the years. In fact, the market size of floral e-commerce alone rose 5.1% each year between 2016 and 2021. With flower sales shifting to online platforms and not showing signs of stopping anytime soon, it’s essential that you meet your customers where they are – online. SEO-optimized floral e-commerce or informational website ensures that customers are able to find you and purchase from you, something that is sure to increase your floral sales. Customers are no longer relying solely on brick-and-mortar stores to buy their flowers. Those in the floral industry are negotiating with suppliers and logistics teams online from the comfort of their homes and offices. Be available to them by having an SEO optimizes floral e-commerce website that can be found easily. Instead of sitting back and letting your competitors overtake you in floral sales, hire a floral industry consultant to help you develop an SEO floral website. Hiring someone in your niche is essential so that your business can flourish with the help of those who know the industry inside out. Improve your rankings today by scheduling a call with New Bloom Solutions here.

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