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This year's holiday season will be different for the floral industry. Let's start with the fall.

Unfortunately, this Fall season will be slightly different from those of the past. Although Autumn will still have all the same charms as in previous years, florists will have fewer choices, when it comes to floral colors and floral varieties, available to offer their customers. Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, the floricultural industry has been forced to move to a new reality, as all of us have had to do.

Every flower purchased by a florist has taken an enormous journey. They are picked one day at some flower producing region, either local or abroad, then transported to distributors and wholesalers to be sold to the florists, and then, ultimately, is sold to the consumer.

Typically, consumers purchase flowers for special occasions, to decorate and enlighten their homes and workspaces, or to gift to their loved ones to convey special feelings. Travel restrictions imposed by the pandemic, have caused consumers to stay home, work from home, and avoid mixing with other family members and friends. So what better way to let others know that they are thinking of them, than to send them flowers? Thankfully, this has given the floral industry a boost in sales, as more and more consumers have picked up the phone, or gone online, and placed orders to send flowers to those they love and care about.

Floral industry sales took a downturn in the first half of 2020 due to the pandemic. We are currently experiencing a strong recovery in the flower sector, however, as each county across America is in a different recovery phase regarding the pandemic, the high demand for flowers is creating various challenges to growers, importers, shippers, wholesalers and retailers as the entire supply chain was interrupted due to restraints caused by COVID-19.

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