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The Importance of SEO for Wholesale Florists

The U.S. has over 33,069 floral businesses and competition in the floral industry is becoming fiercer every single day. With so many businesses and varied market share, it’s integral for businesses to stand out and use every resource at their disposal.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one such resource and allows wholesale florists to grow in visibility and rank higher in organic search results. Search engines like Google and Yahoo help wholesale florists gain visibility and thus, increase sales and overall revenue.

Be Found by Your Niche

As a wholesale florist, you need to be visible to retail florists and designers. After all, you can’t grow your business or increase sales if your niche can’t even find you. Ranking high in search results is one way to do this. SEO can be a gamechanger and catapult you to the top of search results, thereby boosting your business. The higher you rank, the more visitors from your niche your website will attract.

Beat Your Competitors

As previously mentioned, the floral industry is highly competitive. With so many other wholesale florists out there, why should customers choose your products? With the popularity of floral e-commerce and businesses realizing the importance of digital marketing, your competitors are either already leveraging SEO to their advantage or are about to do so soon. A floral industry consultant can help you outrank your competition and convert your website visitors into paying customers.

Outrank Your Competition with Our Expertise

If you want to get the most out of your floral website and invest in SEO that can make your revenue and sales soar, consider hiring a floral industry consultant. Search engine optimization isn’t simple and you won’t see an increase in conversion rate or in sales volume unless it’s done properly. Instead of hiring individuals who don’t know your niche, choose a floral industry consultant. New Bloom Solutions has years of experience in the floral industry and knows what SEO strategies to use to get you the results you need. If you’re looking to invest in SEO, book a consultation with us here.

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