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How to Use Instagram to Increase Sales Within the Floral Industry

While floriculture as a whole has not changed throughout the years, the way flowers are marketed certainly has. Although there are innovations in growing, floral varieties, packing, and logistics, the floral industry remains focused on growing, transporting, and selling flowers. However, the way these flowers are marketed and how consumers shop for flowers has completely changed.

Instead of walking by a florist and discovering their colorful bouquets, individuals now tend to rely on the internet and social media for recommendations and reviews. If you want to succeed, digital marketing has become a must-have tool in your arsenal.

Instagram is one of the most widely used social media platforms globally and is a place to grow your floral business, whether you’re a farmer, wholesaler, or retail florist.

Whether you’re looking for Instagram tips for florists, or you’re a farmer who wants to increase floral sales and get insight into the market, you’re in the right place. This article will delve into how Instagram is used by the different sectors in the floral industry and how you can use it to boost your sales and revenue.

Using Instagram to Boost Floriculture Sales

Most businesses use social media platforms like Instagram to connect with their audience and share content that promotes their goods and services. While this is an important use of social media, social marketing goes further than simply sharing content.

Wholesalers and Flower Farms

Every part of the supply chain in the floral industry can benefit from using Instagram to market themselves. The website is known for its appeal to florists, but Instagram tips for florists aren’t all you can benefit from. Wholesalers and flower farms can also use Instagram as a tool for growth and success.

Wholesalers, for example, can use Instagram to engage their customers and get a glimpse into their mindset and consumption habits. In addition to supporting florists, they can use the platform to have open conversations and adjust their offerings to meet their demands.

Flower farms can also use Instagram to understand their audience better. Polls on Instagram can be especially informative and show farmers and growers exactly what their audience is craving. For example, choosing between different colors of flowers can poll their audience and grow more of the popular option in keeping with their audience’s demands. This insight comes directly from consumers of flowers and can play a huge role in farmers’ decisions.

Florists and Retailers

Instagram tips for florists usually focus on taking pictures to entice their audience into purchasing flowers, but this isn’t all Instagram can be used for. While the picture form is an integral part of conveying the quality of products, Instagram can market-specific services, overall brand awareness, and even set trends and create demand for specific kinds of flowers.

Importance of Social Media Marketing in the Floral Industry

No matter which part of the supply chain you belong in, Instagram can be an essential part of understanding and creating trends. Florists act like influencers by promoting certain kinds of flowers and changing the demand for certain species or colors.

Additionally, wholesalers and retailers alike can run contests that rely on sharing information. Word of mouth is a critical part of marketing, and there’s no better platform to utilize this than Instagram. A picture is worth a thousand words, and you can let the pictures do the talking by encouraging customers to photograph their purchases and tagging you when posting. This creates value for both parties and creates brand awareness and a possibly viral campaign for you while allowing customers to enter contests and win prizes.

By increasing engagement, studying trends, and creating and meeting demand, Instagram is more than just a social media platform. It’s a way to make your floral business boom. To learn more about how you can use Instagram to foster growth, take advantage of New Bloom Solutions’ floral industry consultant services. We work with every part of the supply chain and offer you industry-specific expertise to make your business flourish. Contact us here for more information.

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