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How to Prepare for Mother’s Day

There’s no denying the importance of Mother’s Day for the floral industry. It’s the second biggest holiday in floriculture and comes in right after Valentine’s Day. In fact, it accounts for 26% of all holiday transactions and 24% of the dollar volume earned through the holidays. Additionally, 80% of those buying gifts for Mother’s Day opt for fresh flowers, making them an essential part of the holiday and making the floral industry the center of Mother’s Day celebrations.

Because of the importance of this holiday, floral industry professionals need to prioritize preparing for Mother’s Day. Instead of leaving things to the last moment, being organized and having things determined beforehand can transform Mother’s Day sales and increase profits. Whether you’re a grower, floral wholesaler, or retail florist, the following tips and tricks will help prepare you for Mother’s Day and surpass any goals you set for your business.

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