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5 Tips for Florists and Wholesalers to Achieve Valentine’s Day Success

Valentine’s Day is the biggest sales opportunity and holiday for the floral industry, and it’s essential to be prepared for it. Since logistics and floral cold chain supply are complex, Valentine’s Day preparations start months before the actual holiday. If you’re a florist or wholesaler who wants to take full advantage of Valentine’s Day and maximize your profits, check out the following tips.

1. Pre-book or Order Early

If you’re in the floral industry, you know that most flowers sold in the U.S. are imported from South American countries like Colombia and Ecuador. To get the stock you want, it’s essential to either order early or pre-book orders. Growers may be overwhelmed because of skyrocketing demand, and the COVID-19 pandemic is still wreaking havoc on logistics. Stay ahead of labor and production shortages by pre-booking or ordering in advance.

Pre-booking or ordering ahead becomes even more important when getting your hands on popular varieties like roses. Despite it being late for most orders, you may be able to place some last-minute ones. In the future, however, we always suggest pre-booking 50% of your Valentine’s Day orders to avoid worrying about shortages or delays.

2. Be Flexible

It’s a chaotic time, and we’ve noticed many shortages in floral colors and varieties. A few short months ago, there was a shortage of white flowers, particularly white roses. Instead of counting on certain colors in particular varieties, it’s important to be flexible.

Whether you’re a wholesaler or a retail florist, sell flowers by color instead of variety. One such option is offering in-season flowers instead of focusing entirely on traditional Valentine’s Day roses.

3. Communicate With Your Supplier

Communication is key when it comes to achieving Valentine’s Day success. Your supplier is your lifeline, and it’s important to keep an open line of communication. If you’re a retail florist, communicate with your wholesaler about exactly what you’re looking for, how to avoid problems, and what alternatives you’d prefer. If you’re a floral wholesaler, do the same with growers and suppliers.

4. Give Your Customers Various Options for Ordering

Everyone has a unique way of doing things. Some prefer ordering by calling in, while others prefer online channels. Wholesalers should give florists multiple ordering options to encourage sales. For example, wholesalers can accept orders via Instagram in addition to phone and online orders.

5. Start Your Marketing Efforts Early

If you’re hoping for a profitable and successful Valentine’s Day, we suggest taking care of marketing efforts ahead of time. Instead of relying on last-minute promotions, wholesalers should readily communicate with their florists about their specials, cut-off dates, and more.

Florists should also invest in marketing early to offer special deals and collaborate with local businesses such as restaurants. However, one important thing to remember is that if you’re hiring someone to help with your marketing efforts, always make sure it’s someone with experience in the floral industry and know-how of its inner workings, such as the floral industry consultants at New Bloom Solutions.

Since we’re not over the pandemic and the floral industry is still facing shortages and logistics issues, it’s always better to communicate with others in the supply chain and prepare in advance. This way, you’re sure to have exceptional Valentine’s Day sales!

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