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Louisiana Wholesale Florists, Inc. was founded in 1961 to service the floral needs of the growing community of florists in Louisiana. Bill Broussard, Joel Hebert and Jim Durio were key players in forming this co-operative organization. They recruited a Board of Directors consisting of themselves, Hazel Gosselin, Vincent Drago, Paul Boagni, L.J. Hines, Hattie Martin, Mrs. Lynn Daughenbaugh, Harry Mey, Jr., and Leila Graham. Articles of Incorporation, By-Laws, and Stock Certificates were approved and signed. All the florists in the area were then invited to a stock subscription drive meeting. Mr. James "Red” Darby agreed to sign on as the first Manager of the Co-Operative.
In 1962, Mr. Merlin Leger was hired as the General Manager of the Co-Op. Mr. Leger continues to serve in this capacity today. Michael "Mike” Howerton is the Manager of the Lafayette location. Mike along with Pam Cotham, are the Purchasing Agents for the Fresh Flower division. Pam also assists Kayla Trahan and Bobbie Breaux in the Sales department. Kathy Trahan is the Purchasing Agent for all hard goods. Cindy Comeaux is the Business Manager.  (Click here for contact information to the Lafayette store)
A second warehouse was opened in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, in 1970. Tim Stewart is the Manager of the Baton Rouge location. His wife, Brenda, is the Purchasing Agent for all hard goods. Kristy Davis and Richard "Rick" Hill are the Purchasing Agents for the Fresh Flower division at the Baton Rouge location. Rick is also the Assistant Warehouse Manager for the Baton Rouge store.  Rick and Kristy assist Bob DeArmond and Betty Jo Smith in the Sales department.  (Click here for contact information to the Baton Rouge store)
The current members of the Board of Directors for LA Wholesale Florists, Inc. are as follows: Harry "Bubba” Mey III, President; Doug Wax, Vice President; Melanie Ourso, Secretary; Fred Heroman, Treasurer; Kerney Broussard, Sam Marino, Michael Johnson, Anne Sattler, Todd Steele, Jana Ahneman, Rodney Nero, and Emmet "Johnny" Martin Board Members.



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